Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 168

The purpose of the degree in health science is to prepare graduates to enter the workforce
or pursue further education in a variety of health care fields. Students that wish to apply to
any of the health sciences career programs must declare Health Science as his or her
major and the program of interest as a dual major. The student will be assigned to an
advisor in the chosen specialty field and the courses to be completed for the degree will
vary based on the student’s preferred area of study.
The degree in health science gives a student the opportunity to complete any prerequisites
required before applying to the career program of choice. If a student gains acceptance to
a career program, the students major will be changed accordingly. If a student is not
accepted, he or she may continue taking classes to complete the degree in health science.
The Associate of Science in Health Science is transferable to institutions of higher learning.
A student wishing to pursue a degree in a health related field requiring higher education
may complete the two-year degree at Darton State College then transfer to an institution of
higher learning that offers advanced degrees for his or her desired area of study. The
student will be assigned to an advisor most appropriate to his or her preferred area of study
and the courses to be completed for the degree will be tailored to meet the student’s
educational goals.
Students that wish to pursue any of the following career programs offered at Darton State
College will declare Health Science as the primary major and choose one of the following
as the dual major.
Two-Year Degrees
Cancer Registry Management
Cardiovascular Technology
Dental Hygiene
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Emergency Medical Services
Health Information Technology
Medical Laboratory Technology
Nursing (R.N.)
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Physical Therapist Assistant
Polysomnographic Technology
Radiologic Science
Respiratory Care
Please note:
The courses to be completed for the degree will vary based on the student’s
preferred area of study (dual major). Therefore, it is important to meet with an
advisor to map out the best educational path to achieve his or her goal.
Completion of the prerequisites required for the preferred program should be
All career programs have a selective admissions process. This means that a
seat in any program is awarded only to the top applicants and that meeting the
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