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Business/Social Science Division
The associate degree program in Human Services Technology at Darton State College
is designed to prepare entry level human service workers to function as direct care
providers in mental health, addiction/substance abuse, gerontologic, and other existing
and/or emerging human service settings. Graduates are trained to work as collaborative
team members under professional supervision and function in the core roles of service
provider, service coordinator, and advocate.
This program is accredited by the Council for Standards in Human Service Education.
For additional information, please contact CSHSE at:
Council for Students in Human Service Education
Susan Kincaid, VP Program Accreditation
Western Washington University – Dept. of Human Services
516 High Street
Bellingham, WA. 98225 (360) 650-3531
The Human Services Technology Program provides a three dimensional focus on
theoretical knowledge, applied competencies, and clinical/field experience. All students
must satisfactorily complete a sequenced core curriculum in Human Services. Once this
sequence is completed, students can choose a specialty track. The options are Community
Health/Mental Health Worker or Addiction/Substance Abuse Counselor. Each option
includes fieldwork experience appropriate to the specialty choice.
One class will be admitted per year. The application deadline for Fall Semester
enrollment is August 1. Students may enroll on a part-time or full-time basis; the time
required to complete the degree will depend upon the number of credits taken each
semester. Since the core professional curriculum in Human Services is sequenced,
courses are only offered once a year at designated times. Based on availability of faculty
and student need, some classes may be offered both day and evening. Course selection
and registration for these classes should be done after a personal meeting with the faculty
advisor. However, once a student chooses a specialty track, 6 to 18 hours of practicum
experience per week in local human service facilities are required. Approximately 500
clock hours in field work settings comprise the total program experience.
Graduates in Human Services receive an Associate of Science degree in Human
Services Technology. They will be prepared to obtain jobs in settings related to their
specialty track or to continue their education toward a Bachelor's Degree in areas such as
human services, social work, psychology, sociology, rehabilitation counseling, and mental
health technology. Students who are interested in a four-year degree should consult with
the Human Services Program Director prior to registering for coursework each semester.
These advising sessions will maximize the number of courses taken at Darton that will
transfer to another institution.
Admission Requirements:
To be eligible for admission to the Human Services Technology program, the student
must have completed English 0099 and Reading 0099, if applicable, and meet the following
1. SAT scores are not required; however, traditional students submitting SAT scores
with 430/verbal and 400/math may exempt the COMPASS placement test. All
required learning support must be completed prior to entering the program. Transfer
students must have a GPA of 2.0 or nine semester hours of related courses at
Darton with a GPA of 2.0. Students with a degree from an accredited college or
university may enroll in Human Services Technology courses, providing prerequisites
are met.
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