Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 19

Darton State College will identify and Implement changes to:
1. Improve the academic, personal, and professional success of all students.
2. Expand baccalaureate programs and baccalaureate program participation.
3. Expand online programs and online program participation.
4. Enhance and expand physical facilities and technological infrastructure.
5. Improve the efficient use of physical, financial, and human resources.
6. Improve student preparation prior to admission and improve student success
after graduation.
The College awards the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.), the Associate of Arts
degree (A.A.), the Associate of Science degree (A.S.), the Associate of Applied Science
degree (A.A.S.), and certificates. Students who complete the requirements for one of the
college transfer programs are awarded either an A.A. or an A.S. degree depending upon
their particular program of study. The A.S. degree is also awarded to students who
complete a career program in certain health areas. The A.A.S. degree is awarded to
students who complete other two-year career programs. Certificates are awarded to
students who complete certain planned objectives or programs requiring less than two
years of work.
The Darton State College campus consists of 180 acres and is located in west Albany.
Twelve buildings house the various activities of the college. The modern classrooms and
labs and the beautifully landscaped campus offer students a picturesque setting in which to
The following is a list of the campus buildings with the offices or services normally
accommodated in each; however, some adjustments may be made because of renovation
or new construction:
Academic Services Building-K (0016) -
The B.R. Tilley Academic Services Building
houses student support services and administrative functions, including Academic Affairs,
Admissions, Alumni Development, Business and Financial Services, President’s Office,
Financial Aid, Institutional Advancement, Human Resources, Purchasing, and Records.
Health Sciences, Community Services, Classroom Building-J (0015) -
Health Sciences programs, Continuing Education facilities, classrooms, and a theater.
Alpine Tower and Carolina Climbing Wall -
Located east of the Baseball Field. They
are used with a low initiatives course for team building and leadership training.
Classroom Building-B (0002) -
Houses the Science/Mathematics Division, Dental
Hygiene facilities, the Math Center, the MESA Center, and a computer laboratory.
Classroom Building-L (0017) -
Houses the Nursing Division.
C.D. McKnight Building-F (0006) -
Houses the Humanities and Learning Support
Divisions, and the Learning Support Writing, Math, and Information Literacy Center.
Classroom Building-I (0014) -
Houses the Business/Social Science Division,
laboratories for Chemistry and Biology, computer laboratories, and the Learning Support
Mathematics Laboratories.
Physical Education Building-E (0005) -
Houses the Physical Education and Athletic
Departments, including a Recreation gymnasium, the Cavalier Arena, a fitness center, and
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