Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 261

President of Academic Affairs and the Radiologic Science faculty, the student does not
appear to have the necessary qualifications for radiologic science.
Any student who fails a RADS course will not be allowed to continue onto the next
semester of RADS courses. If this is the student’s first failure, the student may re-apply to
the program the following year. If the student fails a second time, or fails more than one
RADS course, it will result in permanent dismissal from the RADS program without a
chance of re-admission. If a student withdraws or leaves due to reasons other than failure,
the student may re-apply for admission in the following year. However, in any case, prior to
readmission, the student must demonstrate continued competency in the completed
courses via examination and/or demonstration with the program faculty to determine
continued competency in previously completed courses. If a period longer than one year
lapses before readmission, the student must reapply to begin the program from the
beginning (occupational specific courses repeated not general core). RADS courses more
than two years old must be repeated. If a student is dismissed due to disciplinary reasons,
that student may not reapply for admission for a period of five years from the time of
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