Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 263

Respiratory Care (0366)
Health Science Division
Recommended Courses for Career
Associate of Science Degree Programs
The Associate of Science Degree in Respiratory Care at Darton State College is
a two part curriculum. The first part consists of required prerequisite and general education
courses, and the second part constitutes the actual professional curriculum. The
professional curriculum is designed to prepare the graduate to function as an advanced
level Respiratory Care Professional (RCP) in hospitals, non-acute care agencies, and in
home care. After successful completion of all academic and clinical requirements, the
graduate will be eligible to take the entry-level exam and upon successful completion of this
examination the graduate may take the advanced level examination of the National Board
for Respiratory Care (NBRC), 18000 w.105
St, Olathe, KS (888) 341-4811. Upon passing
the NBRC entry-level exam and meeting all requirements for Georgia State licensure, the
graduate may be licensed in the state of Georgia as a Respiratory Care Professional
(RCP). The Georgia Composite Medical Board, 2 Peachtree St. NW, 36
Floor, Atlanta, GA
30303 (404) 656-3913, has the right to refuse to grant a license to any individual who has
been convicted of moral and/or legal violations specified in Georgia law. The Darton State
College Respiratory Care Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for
Respiratory Care (CoARC), 1248 Harwood Rd., Bedford, TX 76021 (817) 283-2835.
In addition to the application forms submitted to the admissions office for
admission to the college, students applying to the Respiratory Care Program for the first
time or reapplying for any reason are required to submit a separate application for selection
into the Respiratory Care Program. Applications are available in the Health Science
Division Office or they may be downloaded from the Darton Website for students interested
in enrolling in the Program. There are separate application packets for the regular program
track or the evening and weekend track.
To be considered for selection into the Respiratory Care Program, a completed
program application must be received. The application deadline for the daytime track is July
1st.The application deadline for the evening and weekend track is December 1
Applications received after the deadline will be considered only if the class has not been
filled. The Respiratory Care Program has a limited enrollment; students are encouraged to
apply as soon as possible.
Students are selected on the basis of
a. Grade point average in pre-requisite courses.
b. Overall grade point average and number of credits earned. Excessive
withdrawals from pre-requisite courses may negatively impact a student’s
c. Completed application packet materials.
d. An interview with program faculty.
An offer of acceptance is made to the applicants who achieve the highest rankings in the
selection process. The selection process continues until the class is filled.
Associate Degree graduates of the Darton State College Respiratory Care
Program may be eligible to receive advanced placement in the Bachelor of Science
programs in Respiratory Care offered by the four-year institutions of the University System
of Georgia. Students desiring to complete a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care
should make direct inquiry to the institution of choice.
Admission Requirements:
1. Admission to Darton State College
2. Completion of all Learning Support requirements
3. Completion of the required pre-requisite and general education courses with a
cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. In addition students must earn a grade of “C” or better
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