Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 391

2226 Introduction to Social Psychology
This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of social
psychology. It will include topics such as: Social judgments, the formation of
attitudes, gender and diversity, the perception of other people, conformity and
obedience, group influence, prejudice, aggression, and conflict and
Prerequisite: PSYC 1101.
Offered: All semesters.
1100 Introduction to Physical Therapy
Explanation of the philosophy and history of the physical therapy profession and
its relationship to other health care agencies and providers. Topics include:
introduction to the structure and function of the American Physical Therapy
Association, the development of the Physical Therapy Association, medical-legal
aspects and professional ethics, critical thinking/problem solving, and an
introduction to documentation.
Prerequisite: Admission to PTA program.
Corequisite: PTAS 1110, PTAS 1115, PTAS 1125.
Offered: Fall.
1105 Orientation to Patient Care Skills
Orientation of basic concepts and procedures of patient care in physical therapy.
Topics include documentation and chart review, basic administrative skills,
teaching and learning principles, patient positioning and draping, body
mechanics, vital sign monitoring, transfers, assistive devices and gait training,
infection control, aseptic techniques, architectural barriers and accessibility,
special patient care requipment and environment and basic soft tissue
Corequisites: PTAS 1121, PTAS 1130, PTAS 2010.
Prerequisites: PTAS 1100, PTAS 1110, PTAS 1115, PTAS 1125.
Offered: Spring.
1110 Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology
Understanding of human movement and its impact on function through the
integration of biomechanics, kinesiology, and applied anatomy. Principles will be
reinforced through a problem-solving approach. Goniometric measurements,
manual muscle testing, and palpation skills of the upper extremity, lower
extremity, trunk, and head will be included.
Corequisites: PTAS 1100, PTAS 1115, PTAS 1125.
Prerequisite: Admission to PTA Program.
Offered: Fall.
1115 Clinical Pathology
The pathophysiology of selected disorders commonly encountered in physical
therapy. Etiology, signs and symptoms, diagnostics, treatment, and prognosis of
disease and injury will be included. This is an on-line course.
Corequisites: PTAS 1100, PTAS 1110, PTAS 1125.
Prerequisite: Admission to PTA Program.
Offered: Fall.
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