Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 403

2205 Respiratory Care Clinical Procedures
This course will introduce the student to the policies and procedures of the
clinical facilities where they will complete their clinical rotations. The course will
emphasize the expectations for the student during the clinical rotations in order to
facilitate a professional learning experience for the student while adhering to the
policies and procedures of the clinical facility. HIPPA requirements, infection
control and universal precautions will be thoroughly discussed to ensure
complete understanding and compliance by the students.
Professionalism and work place expectations such as promptness, reliability and
honesty will be emphasized. Additionally, proper professional attire will be
Interpersonal communication skills and social interactions with therapists, nurses,
supervisors, physicians and other staff will be discussed. Also, proper interaction
with other students and instructors will be taught.
Prerequisites: RESP 1100, RESP1111, RESP 1131, RESP 1132 RESP 1133,
RESP 1134, RESP 1135, RESP 1136 RESP 1137, RESP 1138.
Corequisites: RESP 2201 Practicum I.
Offered: Summer Semester, Sophomore Year.
2210 Respiratory Care Practicum II
A continuation of RESP 2201. Emphasis will be placed on departmental
protocols and clinical guildelines. Students are introduced to the care of adult
critically ill patients in the Intensive Care unit. Mastery of active hyperinflation
therapies, chest physiotherapy, arterial blood punctures analysis, and continued
concepts of airway management. The student will be required to attend a
compentency workshop and successfully complete an intubation Rotation in the
Operating Room as part of this course. Students will be required to complete
weekly logs and case studies as part of this course.
Corequisite: None.
Prerequisites: Current CPR, RESP 2201.
Offered: A-term Fall Semester Sophomore Year.
2220 Respiratory Care Practicum III
Practicum to support content presented in RESP 1136 and 1137. Practical
experiences will occur in proportion to emphasis placed on the cognitive content
in the companion course. This course may also provide an opportunity for
accelerated or advance students to explore additional clinical experiences
outside the usual program scope. Emphasis will be placed on the
neonatal/pediatric intensive care patient. Students will be required to attend and
pass the NRP course.
Corequisite: RESP 2330.
Prerequisite: RESP 2210.
Offered: B-term Fall Semester Sophomore Year.
2330 Credential Preparation
The course will focus on a review of essential concepts of Respiratory Care with
emphasis on content examined by the NBRC entry level and advanced level
examinations. Critical thinking skills will be reinforced through presentation and
discussion of case studies. Surveys of clinical research literature, and journal
articles will be examined. Each student must take and successfully pass the
NBRC Self Assessment Exam as a requirement for passing the course, and for
graduation from the program.
Prerequisites: RESP 2210.
Corequisite: RESP 2220.
Offered: B-term Fall Semester Sophomore Year.
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