Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 409

1000 Theatre Practicum
This theatre practicum course is open to all students who have a role and/or do
technical work on the dramatic production of the semester. May be taken each
semester to a maximum of four semester hours. Instructor approval required.
Prerequisite: None.
Offered: Fall, Spring.
1100 Theater Appreciation
This course includes the survey and critical appreciation of Theatre. A first-level
course designed to introduce theatre majors and non-majors to eras of theatre
history and dramatic literature and to demonstrate how theatre practitioners form
a collaborative working unit which results in a performance-ready production. No
previous experience required.
Prerequisite: READ 0099; ENGL 0099.
Offered: Fall, Spring.
1105 Acting
Fundamental theories, principles, and techniques of acting with training in
pantomime, improvisation, stage movement, characterization, and motivation.
Eras of theatre and acting styles will also be explored.
Prerequisite: None.
Offered: Fall, Summer.
1175 Script Analysis
An introductory course designed to familiarize students with the vocabulary,
methods, and skills necessary for understanding how dramatic literature is
transformed from the printed page into a working play script.
Prerequisite: None.
Offered: Spring.
1710 Improvisation
An introductory course designed to enable students, individually and in groups, to
learn process-centered performance techniques using unscripted concepts.
Students are introduced to basic principles of stage movement, vocal technique,
and creative dramatics.
Prerequisite: None.
Offered: Spring .
2100 Stagecraft
Students put theatrical theory into practice as they work on the technical and
managerial phases of productions. Students will learn the fundamental elements
of stage design, set construction, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup, properties,
publicity, and stage and house management. Successful completion of a crew
assignment will be required.
Prerequisite: None.
Offered: Fall, Spring, as needed.
THEA 2210 Voice and Diction
An introduction to vocal training for the production of Standard American Speech
with an emphasis on resonance, breath control, vocal relaxation and posture
using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and a variety of approaches to
contemporary vocal training.
Prerequisites: ENGL 0099 and READ 0099.
Offered: On demand.
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