Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 234

Additional Costs:
Students in the Medical Laboratory Technology Program are responsible for the
following approximated expenses in addition to books, tuition and fees:
Liability Insurance
$ 17.50
Uniforms/lab coat
$ 100.00
Laboratory Supplies
$ 50.00
(Gloves, masks, face shields, scissors,
rulers, pens, graph paper and markers)
Specified immunization
Clinical Assignments:
The Darton State College MLT Program has clinical affiliations with many hospitals and
clinics in Southwest Georgia. Clinical assignments are made by the program faculty with
approved affiliates only. Students must be prepared to travel to their clinical training facility.
Program Application Required:
Applications are available in the Health Sciences office at Darton State College or may
be obtained from the Program home page at:
Application Deadline
Fall Semester
August 1
Spring Semester
December 7
Summer Semester
May 1
Students may be withdrawn from the program and/or from a clinical affiliate for lack of
competence, if determined to post a threat to the health or safety of others; for failure to
comply with the Darton State College Code of Conduct or failure to comply with the policies
of a clinical affiliate.
Students may be subject to drug screens and criminal background checks as a requirement
for participating in program activities. Students are also subject to drug screens requested
at random or for probable cause.
Students may be prevented from participating in program activities until results are
provided and they are approved for return to program activities.
Background checks, drug screens, and immunizations are the student’s responsibility for
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