Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 237

2. Students are required to submit a copy of a recent physical exam prior to program
3. Students are required to meet the health requirements of the clinical affiliate to which
they are assigned.
4. Students must have documented immunization to Hepatitis B.
5. Liability insurance is required upon enrollment in the program.
6. To satisfactorily complete the curriculum and to develop required skills the students
must have:
Visual acuity
(with or without corrective lenses) to observe and perform
technical procedures; to identify and differentiate specimens, reagents and equipment;
to read laboratory manuals, procedures, policies, specimen labels and materials
pertinent to professional practice:
Physical ability
to manipulate laboratory instruments and equipment in a
manner consistent with operational procedures;
Manual dexterity
to operate laboratory equipment and use tools in a manner
consistent with operational guidelines.
Students may be withdrawn from the program and/or from a clinical affiliate for lack of
competence, if determined to post a threat to the health or safety of others; for failure to
comply with the Darton State College Code of Conduct or failure to comply with the policies
of a clinical affiliate.
Students may be subject to drug screens and criminal background checks as a requirement
for participating in program activities. Students are also subject to drug screens requested
at random or for probable cause.
Students may be prevented from participating in program activities until results are
provided and they are approved for return to program activities.
Program Cost Requirements:
Students in the Histotechnology AS Program are responsible for the following approximate
expenses in addition to books, tuition and fees:
Liability Insurance
Uniforms/lab coats
Laboratory Supplies
(gloves, pens, markers, etc.)
Special immunizations (HBV)
Clinical Assignments:
The Darton State College program director or designated staff will arrange clinical
assignments with the program’s approved affiliates only. Students must be prepared to
travel to the clinical training facility.
Continuation in the Program:
Students must complete each required course with a grade of “C” or better.
A student may repeat a single course in which the score is less than a “C.”
A student repeating a course in which an unsatisfactory grade was received will experience
a delay in clinical placement until the deficient course is satisfactorily completed.
A student withdrawing from the program or a program course may be considered for
admission in subsequent classes at the time of the next class selection.
Students absent from the program for a period exceeding one semester will be required to
demonstrate prior course competency by exam or repeat for credit.
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