Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 209

Advanced Placement for Licensed Practical Nurses
Credit by Examination
The LPN may challenge NURS 1101 and NURS 1111 by examination. Successful
performance on the three components of the challenge examination (theory, clinical
laboratory, and mathematics tests) allows the LPN to exempt the fundamentals courses
and enter the Associate Degree curriculum. Admissions requirements are the same as for
regular Associate Degree students.
Admissions Criteria for Credit by Examination Option
All applicants for the credit by examination option must meet these criteria:
1. Be eligible for admission to Darton State College and the Associate Degree Nursing
2. Submit a transcript from practical nursing education program.
3. Have completed a practical nursing program and have one year of active nursing
practice within the last two years. Employee verification and job description required.
4. Submit evidence of unrestricted LPN Licensure.
5. Have completed all prerequisite requirements for the entry nursing class.
LPN’s and Paramedics may be admitted to a shortened Associate Degree Nursing
curriculum with the following:
1. Be eligible for admission to Darton State College and the Associate Degree Nursing
2. Hold a valid Paramedic certification or LPN license with a minimum of one year of
3. Have earned 16 or more credit hours of general education courses in the nursing
curriculum including BIOL 2111 – achieving a GPA of 2.7 or higher.
4. Healthcare Professional Bridge students with previous work experience will have
fewer clinical hours than generic students.
5. No previous failing grades in other nursing programs.
Persons interested in applying to the on-line track will need to meet the same requirements
as other students seeking admission to Darton Nursing. Additionally, students wishing to
enter the on-line (hybrid) track will need the following:
1. Priority will be given to individuals who have completed core classes required for
2. A minimum overall college GPA of 2.7.
3. Evidence of prior learning experience in an on-line format.
4. No previous failing grades in other nursing programs.
Students who are accepted into the on-line track will have to meet all of the same theory
and clinical requirements as traditional classroom students. Students will be expected to
complete on-line assignments and actively participate in on-line discussion forums. All
testing will be performed on the Darton Albany campus under the supervision of a Darton
Nursing faculty member. Likewise, all clinical assignments will be completed in Albany
area healthcare facilities under direct supervision of Darton clinical faculty. Students will be
required to travel to Albany during the semester to complete testing and clinical
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