Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 217

Additional Costs and Fees
1. All applicants must pay the application fee ($25.00) for the RN to BSN
Completion program.
2. Students not meeting the articulation plan requirements must pay challenge-
testing fees.
3. Professional liability insurance is required prior to clinical rotations and is
included in nursing fees.
4. The students must assume responsibility for his/her own health in the event of
illness, accident, or exposure to communicable disease. Evidence of health
insurance is required prior to clinical practicum.
5. All nursing students are required to meet the requirements of the facilities utilized
for clinical experience, which may include laboratory screenings and
immunizations. All students are required to have a repeat tuberculin skin test at
the end of the first year.
6. All nursing students may be expected to pay a Testing Fee each semester.
7. All nursing students are required to have uniforms as required by the clinical
agency, a Darton State College nametag, and a Darton State College lab jacket
with Darton logo.
8. Nursing students are required to join the Darton State College GANS Chapter to
enhance professional development.
9. All nursing students will be required to pay for a criminal background check and
drug screening on admission to the program. This information will be available to
all clinical facilities. * If the student has a conviction in the criminal background
check, the student may not be permitted into a particular practice setting.
Students should note that prior felony charges/convictions are typically not
allowed clearance into most healthcare settings. Since clinical is required to
complete the course requirements successfully, caution should be taken in
circumstances in which the student has a prior criminal charge/conviction
10. If drug abuse is suspected, the student will be required to be tested at the
student’s expense.
Darton State College reserves the right to request random drug testing of any
nursing student at any time during the nursing program, at the expense of the
student. A mandatory drug screen is required, at the expense of the student,
prior to admission to the program and will also be required randomly throughout
the course of the program.
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