Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 216

unsatisfactory grade in clinical performance, may repeat that course at the next available
offering. Students may repeat one failed nursing course (“C” = less than 75%), but may
repeat it only once and will be dismissed from the program if there is a second failure.
A RN to BSN nursing student who voluntarily withdraws from the RN to
BSN Completion Program must submit a request in writing for
readmission to the nursing program along with a completed nursing
application form at least one semester prior to the semester in which
the nursing student wishes to attend. The candidate must meet all of
the admission/acceptance requirements, including an overall GPA of
2.7 or higher in nursing courses that have been completed in the RN to
BSN Completion Program to be considered. Re-entry occurs on a
space available basis.
Each student’s continued enrollment in the RN to BSN nursing
program is based on physical as well as emotional health. Students
may be referred to appropriate resources if they develop evidence of
physical or emotional illness. If, in the opinion of the faculty, the
student’s illness impairs their ability to implement nursing
responsibilities safely, the student may be asked to withdraw from the
program until the student can resolve the situation. Re-instatement will
be considered on an individual basis by the nursing faculty and will
require a request in writing. The student must meet all of the
admission/acceptance requirements and re-entry will occur on a space
available basis.
Failure to meet progression requirements will result in dismissal from
the RN to BSN completion program.
Unprofessional conduct, unsafe nursing practice(s), or unethical
professional practice will result in dismissal from the nursing program.
The RN to BSN student is responsible for fulfilling academic and clinical responsibilities in
an honest and forthright manner. The Darton State College Handbook contains a full
description of these rights and responsibilities and the disciplinary procedures that will
guide the action of faculty and administration should a candidate commit prohibited
behaviors. In addition, academic dishonesty or misconduct may result in dismissal from the
nursing program. Students will be required to read the Student Code of Conduct in the
Darton State College Academic Catalog.
Completion of the history and Constitution requirement for the State of
Successful completion of English 1101 & 1102 with a grade of C or
higher for satisfaction of Regents’ requirements.
Successful completion of all RN to BSN nursing courses with a
minimum grade of “C”.
Successful completion of 121 total semester hours which includes:
61 hours core curriculum
30 hours of articulation credit from an accredited associate
or diploma program in nursing
30 hours upper division nursing credit
Students pursuing the RN to BSN must complete the program with
three years of enrollment into the first nursing course.
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