Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 314

2145 Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Practicum II
The first week of the course will be review of the previous clinical rotation with
emphasis on strengthening weaker areas as defined by the preceptors from the
various clinical affiliates. The Clinical experience will then continue to be
provided within the students selected specialty area of Invasive Cardiology. The
student continues scheduled clinical rotations in the Invasive Cardiovascular
laboratories with our affiliated hospitals throughout the southeast, becoming
more proficient with the skills required to become a Cardiovascular Technologist.
During each rotation cycle, the student receives additional extensive hands-on
experience and observation utilizing equipment, performance of tests and
providing patient care. This course is the second of two courses designed to
assist the Cardiovascular Technology student in meeting the required 1000 hours
of clinical rotation in Invasive Cardiology as required by the accrediting body.
Prerequisite: CVTE 2135
Corequisite: None.
DANC 1000 Dance Performance
Dance Performance course is open to all students with a dance major or with an
interest in dance who have been cast and/or do technical work for the dance
production of the semester. Students will have to audition for roles in student,
faculty and guest artists works and then be cast in works to be in this course.
May be taken each semester to a maximum of four credit hours.
Prerequisites: None.
Corequisites: None.
Offered: Fall, Spring.
DANC 1400 Dance Production
Introduction to technical aspects of dance productions, including the technical
vocabulary required to communicate with theatre technicians in the areas of
sound and lighting. Exploration of all the basic aspects of dance production,
including music, costuming, programming, and management.
Prerequisites: None.
Corequisites: None.
Offered: Spring.
DANC 1500 Dance Appreciation
All aspects of dance as an artform, exploring related roles of the dancer,
choreographer and spectator through historical inquiry, aesthetic perspectives,
basic dance elements, and the creative process. Course material will be
presented through a series of lectures, videos, historical and critical readings,
discussions, reflective analytical writing, and actual movement experience.
Prerequisites: None.
Corequsites: None.
Offered: All semesters.
DANC 1600 Dance Improvisation
Dance Improvisation explores movement initiated through various sources,
including internal motivation. This course emphasizes individual and group
interaction within structured and free improvisational situations for the purpose of
developing the student’s creative approach to composing and performing.
Prerequisites: None.
Corequsites: None.
Offered: Fall.
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