Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 323

EDUC 2618 Survey Pedagogy and Classroom Management
This course is designed for current teachers who are intrested in improving their
classroom management and pedagogical skills. Components of the course will
include such topics as motivation, effective instructional strategies, the creation
of productive learning environments, and classroom assessment strategies.
Prerequisites: In-Service Teachers
Corequisites: None.
Offered: On demand.
EDUC 2810 The Teaching of Reading
This course is designed to assist in understanding the process of teaching
students to read. Students will be exposed to numerous approaches to the
teaching of reading.
Prerequisite: EDUC 2110.
Offered: On demand.
EDUC 2825 Classroom Management
This course is designed to teach effective classroom management skills through
the use of everyday examples of behavioral principles. Students will learn the
basic concepts involved in behavioral analysis.
Prerequisite: EDUC 2110.
Offered: On demand.
EMTP 1025 Trauma for the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
This course includes material from the Trauma and Operations Modules of the
current National EMS Education Standard. It is designed to provide the student
with fundamental knowledge to provide basic and selected advanced emergency
care and transportation based on assessment findings for an acutely injured
patient. Topics covered in this course are: Airway management, assessment and
management of the trauma victim, bleeding, chest trauma, abdominal and
genitourinary trauma, orthopedic trauma, soft tissue trauma, head, face, neck
and spine trauma, nervous system trauma, special considerations in trauma,
environmental emergencies, and multisystem trauma, shock management,
gaining access and vehicle extrication of the trauma victim, multiple casualty
incident, and International Trauma Life Support.
Prerequisite: None.
Corequisite: None.
Offered: Spring and Summer.
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