Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 319

DMSP 1101 Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Sonography
This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic principles of
ultrasound. The professionalism, functions, and desirable attributes of a
sonographer will be discussed along with patient care principles and techniques.
It presents the language of sonographers and cross sectional anatomy used in
ultrasound as well as body planes. It examines leadership and educational
opportunities found in sonography as an occupation.
Prerequisites: Admission into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program.
Completion of ALHE 1115, BIOL 1100K or BIOL 1111K and 1112K, MATH 1111,
and PHSC 1011K, or BIOL 2115K or CHEM 1151K or PHYS 1111K with a grade
of “C” or better.
Offered: Fall freshman year.
DMSP 1102 Abdomen Ultrasound I
This course is designed to introduce the ultrasound student to normal appearing
abdominal anatomy and cavities. The sonographic appearance of normal
abdominal organs will be presented along with the normal size range of each
organ. It will build upon the cross sectional anatomy introduced in DMSP 1101 to
provide the student with a better understanding of the sonographic location of the
abdominal organs.
Prerequisites: DMSP 1101 with a grade of “C” or better.
Offered: Spring semester junior year.
DMSP 1103 Obstetrical Ultrasound I
This course presents fetal development from conception through the third
trimester. First to third trimester of normal fetal anatomy and sonographic
appearance. Laboratory test pertaining to the fetus and mother. Ultrasound
protocols for scanning the first to third trimester fetus. Fetal lie in the uterus as
viewed by ultrasound as well as normal fetal environment.
Prerequisites: Completion of all previous semesters DMSP courses with a grade
of “C” or better.
Offered: Spring semester junior year.
DMSP 1104 Pelvic Ultrasound
This course will explore the normal sonographic measurements, appearance and
cross sectional anatomy of the non-gravid female pelvis and male pelvis. The
musculatoure and surrounding vessels will be discussed along with all normal
Doppler findings. It will include all the hormonal changes that effect the
reproductive cycle as well as laboratory values associated with normal and
abnormal female health. A comprehensive sonographic evaluation of
abnormalities pertaining to all female and male pelvic anatomy will be
Prerequisites: A grade of “C” or better in all previous DMSP course work.
Offered: Spring semester sophomore year.
DMSP 1105 Clinical Observations
This course is an initial introduction to the clinical environment. It allows the
student to familiarize themselves with the operational process and exam
protocols of their clinic site.
Prerequisites: Completion of all DMSP courses with a grade of “C” or better.
Offered: Spring semester junior year.
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