Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 336

2160 Coding II
(Online Course Only)
Students will be introduced to the principles of CPT coding, used to assign valid
procedure and service codes.
Prerequisite: HITE 2150, HITE 2100.
Offered: Summer.
2170 Advanced Coding and Reimbursement
(Online Course Only)
This course integrates and builds on basic knowledge and skills acquired in HITE
2150 and HITE 2160, enhancing skill level through use of clinical case studies.
Impact on reimbursement, ethical coding, encoders, and groupers will be
emphasized. Reimbursement topics include DRGS, APCs, RBRVs,
chargemaster, and coding compliance. Students will have live access to
QuadraMed encoder.
Prerequisites: HITE 2150, HITE 2160, HITE 2100.
Corequisites: None.
Offered: Fall.
2200 Healthcare Statistics
(Online Course Only)
Study of the methods/formulas used in computing and preparing statistical
reports for healthcare services and vital records. Emphasis is placed on the
effective use, collection, arrangement, presentation, and verification of healthcare
data, and on the concepts of descriptive statistics, data validity, and reliability.
Prerequisites: HITE 2550, HITE 2100, CISM 2201, or permission of instructor.
Offered: Spring.
2250 Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Information
(Online Course Only)
Introduction to the legal and ethical issures regarding health information
management with strong emphasis on legal and regulatory requirements,
disclosure of PHI (protected health information), and ethical standards of
Prerequisite: HITE 2100
Corequisites: HITE 2110.
Offered: Summer.
2400 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology
(Online Course Only)
The study of the nature and cause of disease including the etiology, signs,
symptoms, diagnostic evaluation, clinical treatment, and pharmacology
management of disease processes.
Prerequisites: BIOL 1100K, Admission to HITE Program
Corequisite: HITE 2100
Offered: Fall.
2423 Disease Management
(Online Course Only)
This course is an introduction to the pathophysiology of cancer, using principles
from anatomy and physiology to provide a foundation for the study of oncology
disease process. Diagnostic and staging procedures, treatment modalities
including surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.
Prerequisite: BIOL 1100K.
Corequisite: HITE 2100.
Offered: Fall, Spring
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