Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 338

completion of all learning support requirements.
Corequisite: HITE 2724, HITE 2738, HITE 2752.
Offered: Summer.
2721 Introduction to ICD for Registry Management
(Online Course Only)
Introduction to the concepts of applying numeric codes to text information
collected from medical records for the purpose of classifying patient mortality and
morbidity. Emphasis is placed on coding conventions, guidelines and rules
related to benign and malignant neoplasms, identified or uncertain histologies,
and primary or secondary sites.
Corequisite: HITE 2100, HITE 2423.
Prerequisite: BIOL 1100K, ALHE 1120.
Offered: On demand.
2724 Registry Operations
(Online Course Only)
Focus on CoC Standards, cancer committees, cancer conferences and quality
Prerequisite: Admission to the Cancer Registry Management Program.
Completion of all LS requirements.
Corequisites: HITE 2717.
Offered: Summer.
2731 Patient Follow-up
(Online Course Only)
This course covers cancer patient follow-up methodology, confidentiality and
ethical issues; identification of second primaries, recurrence, spread of disease
and survival data. Physicial, pateint, and other follow-up resources and activities
will be introduced.
Prerequisites: Admission to the Cancer Registry Management Program.
Corequisite: HITE 2745, HITE 2752.
Offered: Spring.
2738 Oncology Coding and Staging Systems
(Online Course Only)
Concepts of coding and staging of malignant neoplasms, including a general
overview of International Classification of Disease for Oncology (ICD-O)
nomenclature and classification system; AJCC and SEER staging extent of
disease concepts used by physicians and cancer surveillance orgaizations to
determine treatment and survival.
Prerequisites: HITE 2423, HITE 2721
Corequisites: HITE 2731, HITE 2752.
Offered: Spring.
2745 Abstracting Principles I
(Online Course Only)
Introduction to the principles of cancer registry abstracting; identificaiton and
selection of appropriate clinical information from medical records in a manner
consistent with cancer registry core data item requirements recording; coding
and staging site-specific cancer information; manual and computerized
applications will be introduced.
Prerequisites: Admission to the associate degree in Cancer Registry
Management; HITE 2738, HITE 2423, HITE 2721.
Corequisites: None.
Offered: Fall.
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