Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 337

2500 Health Information System Applications
(Online Course Only) (2-2-3)
Students will learn the concept of medical information management through an
information system composed of people, hardware, software, communication
networks, and data resources that collect, transform, and disseminate health
information to healthcare users. The process of planning, designing, selecting,
implementing, integrating, testing, evaluating, and supporting EHRs (electronic
health records) is also introduced.
Prerequisites: HITE 2100
Offered: Fall.
2550 Quality Assessment
(Online Course Only)
Introduction to the components of quality assessment and improvement
programs in health care facilities including quality assessment, utilization
management, risk management, and peer review organizations. Students will
learn to analyze clinical data to identify trends that demonstrate quality, safety,
and effectiveness of health care.
Prerequisites: HITE 2100, HITE 2200, or permission of instructor.
Offered: Spring.
2600 Professional Practice I
(Online Course Only)
Professional practice experience in an acute care setting that provides the
student the opportunity to apply and develop the skills learned throughout the
course curriculum that are vital in the management of health information.
Corequisite: HITE 2610, HITE 2650.
Prerequisites: HITE 2100, HITE 2110, HITE 2150, HITE 2160, HITE 2170, HITE
2250, HITE 2500, HITE 2137.
Offered: Fall and Spring.
2610 Professional Practice II
(Online Course Only)
This course is a continuation of HITE 2600, providing additional professional
practice experience as the student applies skills learned throughout the course
curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to experience the workflow of the
acute care setting from beginning to end.
Prerequisite: HITE 2100, HITE 2110, HITE 2150, HITE 2160, HITE 2170,
HITE 2250, HITE 2137.
Corequisite: HITE 2600, HITE 2650.
Offered: Fall and Spring.
2650 Seminar on Health Information Technology
(Online Course Only)
Exploration of current issues and trends in the health information profession and
in the health care industry with emphasis on review for RHIT exam.
Prerequisites: HITE 2100, HITE 2110, HITE 2137, HITE 2150, HITE 2160, HITE
2170, HITE 2250, HITE 2400, HITE 2500, HITE 2550, HITE 2600, or permission
of instructor.
Corequisites: HITE 2600, HITE 2610.
Offered: Fall and Spring.
HITE 2717 Registry Organization
(Online Course Only)
An introduction to cancer registries; hospital-based and central registries; legal
issues and confidentiality; focus on management functions of budgeting, annual
reports, staffing, computer hardware and software requiprements.
Prerequisites: Admission to the Cancer Registry Management Program and
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