Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 350

2001 Intermediate Latin I
LATN 2001 continues LATN1002 and includes a review of idiomatic expressions
and tenses as well as an introduction of new vocabulary, syntactical structures,
and grammatical concepts. Studies of vocabulary and grammar are integrated
with cultural and historical events to enhance understanding of the Roman world.
Prerequisite: LATN 1002 or equivalent.
Corequisite: None.
Offered: On demand.
2002 Intermediate Latin II
LATN 2002 continues LATN 2001 and includes an expansion of vocabulary and
more complex syntactical structures and grammatical concepts. Emphasis is
placed on improving translation and reading skills, students are introduced to
original Latin prose and poetry texts, and the Roman cultural and historical
legacy is examined in depth.
Prerequisite: LATN 2001 or equivalent.
Corequisite: None.
Offered: On demand.
2003 Intermediate Latin III
LATN 2003 is a study of lexical items, grammatical structures, and syntactic and
linguistic concepts of the Latin language. The student will read and translate
original Latin texts, study Latin poetic meters, and examine the history associated
with texts and the language.
Prerequisite: LATN 2002 or equivalent.
Corequisite: None.
Offered: On demand.
1101 Leadership Development
The purpose of the course is to help students identify the attributes of effective
leaders so that they can build their leadership potential and develop skills that will
be of benefit to them personally and in their chosen profession.
Corequisite: Minimum COMPASS reading score of 74 or enrollment in READ
Prerequisite: None.
Offered: On demand.
MATH 0097 Introductory Algebra
MATH 0097 is an introductory algebra course designed for students with some
mathematical background who need additional algebraic skills. Topics include
fractions, decimals, signed numbers, linear equations, systems of equations in
two variables, exponents, inequalities, polynomials, factoring, and graphing linear
equations. Topics will be supported by appropriate technology. Exit requirement:
A grade of "C" or better in the course. Placement: A score below 37 on the
COMPASS Algebra Test. Offered: All semesters.
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