Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 353

MATH 2252 Calculus II
This is the second of a three semester sequence in Calculus. Calculus II
includes a continuation of techniques of integration, applications of integration,
plane analytical geometry, parametric equations, Taylor’s theorem, sequences
and series. A graphing calculator is required.
Prerequisite: MATH 1151 or consent of Division Dean.
Offered: Fall and Spring.
MATH 2253 Calculus III
This is the third of a three semester sequence in Calculus. Calculus III includes
vector-valued functions, vector derivatives, curvature, geometry of space, partial
differentiation, functions of several variables, vector analysis, multiple integration,
and applications of multiple integration. A graphing calculator is required.
Prerequisite: MATH 2252 or consent of Division Dean.
Offered: Spring.
MESA 0099 MESA Orientation
This course assists students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to
reach their educational objectives in engineering, mathematics, and science-
related fields. Topics include: career decisions and strategies, educational and
personal enrichment, study skills and habits, time management, academic
preparation, and success in college. Field trips may be required.
RESTRICTED to MESA students; exceptions approved by the MESA Director.
May serve as an elective for majors in the Science and Math Division.
Prerequisites: None.
Corequisites: None.
Offered: Fall, Spring.
1160W Medical Laboratory Technology I
An in-depth study of the sciences of hematology and body fluids analysis. It
deals with the morphology of blood and blood-forming tissues, the principles of
blood sample collections, and the composition and function of multiple body
fluids. Physiology and pathology are emphasized.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Medical Laboratory Technology Program or
permission of the Director.
Corequisite: MLTS 1160L.
Offered: Fall, online & traditional options.
1160L Medical Laboratory Technology I LAB
The laboratory component of the course is utilized to develop skills and
competencies required to perform laboratory analysis of blood and body fluids.
Corequisite: MLTS 1160W.
Offered: Fall. Online and traditional options.
1161W Medical Laboratory Technology II
This course provides an introduction to the principles of immunology and
provides the student with a concise and thorough guide to transfusion practices
and immunohematology.
Prerequisite: Admission to the MLT Program or permission of Program Director.
Corequisite: MLTS 1161L.
Offered: Spring, online & traditional options.
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