Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 356

2020W Medical Laboratory Technology IV
An in-depth study of analytical techniques utilized to measure the biochemical
entities of blood and various body fluids. The correlation of test results to human
physiology and pathology is emphasized.
Prerequisite: CHEM 1212K, Admission to MLT Program or permission of
Program Director.
Corequisite: MLTS 2020L
Offered: Summer, traditional & online options.
2020L Medical Laboratory Technology IV LAB
The laboratory component is used to develop the skills and competencies
required to operate and standardize the instruments utilized in the performance
of chemical tests. The use of quality control is emphasized.
Corequisite: MLTS 2020W, Admission to MLT Program or permission of
Program Director.
Offered: Summer. Traditional and online options.
2630 Medical Laboratory Technology Externship
Students are introduced to the clinical laboratory in an affiliate clinical laboratory
setting. The students receive an orientation to each department and an
introduction to hospital policies and procedures. Each student rotates through
appropriate departments and is allowed to demonstrate and develop their skills
and competencies in blood bank, hematology, microbiology, chemistry,
phlebotomy, and body fluid analysis under the supervision of the laboratory staff
Corequisite: MLTS 2670, Admission to MLT Program or permission of Program
Prerequisites: MLTS 1160, MLTS 1161, MLTS 2010, MLTS 2020.
Offered: Fall.
2670 Seminars in Medical Laboratory Science
Seminar presentations on various topics related to medical laboratory science
(topic reviews for board exams, professionalism, laboratory information systems,
case presentations and/or other).
Corequisite: MLTS 2630, Admission to MLT Program or permission of Program
Offered: Fall, traditional & online options.
MUSC 1070 College Orchestra I
This course involves the study, rehearsal, and concert performance of literature
for orchestra. This course involves a performance ensemble open to college
students and community members. Repertory is consistent with proficiency
levels of participants, buy is challenging. May be taken for two semesters before
advancing to MUSC 2070 College Orchestra 2. Required of string majors as
their performance ensemble during enrollment. Additional rehearsals may be
announced by the instructor.
Prerequisite: Ability to play an orchestral instrument at college level.
Offered: Fall, Spring.
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