Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 367

NURS 4800 Nursing Research
Nursing Research explores the research process and its relevance to nursing
practice. The primary focus is on the development of the student’s ability to be
an effective consumer of research with emphasis on the research process and its
applicability in their professional role development.
Prerequisites: Admission to RN to BSN Completion program and MATH 2205.
Offered: Spring, Fall
NURS 4900 Ethical Issues in Nursing
This course
focuses on ethical issues in health care by offering a thorough
understanding in ethical theories, principles, models, and trends as reflected in
contemporary nursing practice. Case studies of ethical issues and dilemmas in
health care will provide the framework for ethical reasoning and decision-making.
Particular emphasis will be given to the resolution of ethical dilemmas through
moral and ethical reasoning to help bridge the gap between theory and nursing
Prerequisites: Admission to RN to BSN Completion program
Offered: Summer, Fall
OCEX 2290 Occupational Experience
(1-0-1); (2-0-2); (3-0-3)
Directed work experience with a business firm, government agency, or other
organization under the Cooperative Education program in an area of a student's
preparation and interest. Cooperative Education may or may not count toward
degree requirements. Check your program in the College catalog or seek help
from a faculty member in your major department.
Prerequisite: Completion of 9 semester hours with a 2.00 GPA & approval of
instructor. Offered: All semesters.
1100 Introduction to Occupational Therapy
The following concepts will be presented: Functional definitions of occupational
therapy; the history of occupational therapy, philosophy, and ethics; the roles of
occupational therapy professionals; and differentiation of occupational therapist
and occupational therapy assistant responsibilities, the reimbursement for O.T.
services and professional credentialing. An overview of the particular patient
populations which an occupational therapy assistant might interact with is given.
Specific types of treatment settings are explored in detail, with the scope of OTA
practice examined, including the research data gathering role. Awareness of
local and national occupational therapy organizations is emphasized.
Demonstrated professional behaviors are encouraged
Corequisites: OTAS 1104, OTAS 1105, OTAS 1111, ALHE 1115.
Prerequisite: ALHE 1120 and admission to OTA program.
Offered: Fall.
1104 Introduction to Disease Conditions
The basic pathology of common disease conditions is examined. The effect of
disease on each body system is studied, emphasizing etiology, diagnosis,
prognosis, prevention, occupational therapy treatment methods, and precautions.
The effects of pathology of disease across life-span occupational performance is
Corequisites: OTAS 1100, OTAS 1105, OTAS 1111, ALHE 1115.
Prerequisite: Admission to OTA program.
Offered: Fall.
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