Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 369

1140 Psychosocial Function in Occupation
Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric conditions encountered in the
clinical setting by Occupational Therapy Assistants. Occupational therapy
treatment techniques for remediation and prevention across the life-span
continuum are covered. Recognition of the use of psychotropic medications in
psychiatric treatment and corresponding possible side effects are studied. Level
I fieldwork observations and field trips will be part of this course.
Corequisites: OTAS 1121, OTAS 1131, OTAS 1145.
Prerequisites: OTAS 1100, OTAS 1104, OTAS 1105, OTAS 1111, ALHE 1115.
Offered: Spring.
1145 Developmental Function in Occupation
Examination of the process of evaluation, treatment, and documentation for the
OTA in settings working with a caseload involving developmental dysfunction.
Emphasis is placed on developmental factors across ages and populations.
Adaptive coping techniques and skills will be explored, with focus on practical
problem-solving. Level I fieldwork placement will be a component part of this
course offering.
Corequisites: OTAS 1121, OTAS 1140, OTAS 1131.
Prerequisites: OTAS 1100, OTAS 1105, ALHE 1115, OTAS 1104, OTAS 1111.
Offered: Spring.
2200 Assistive Techniques and Technologies
The use and modification of adaptive devices and equipment is studied. Creative
problem-solving regarding specific medical conditions is encouraged through the
development of adaptive equipment. Proper patient positioning in the therapeutic
and home environment is examined. Further development of static and dynamic
splinting skill techniques for diverse patient treatment needs will be learned. The
ability to analyze and problem-solve regarding overcoming environmental
barriers is fostered. Issues related to increasing safety and functional mobility are
Corequisites: OTAS 1132, OTAS 2260.
Prerequisites: OTAS 1100, OTAS 1104, OTAS 1105, OTAS 1111, OTAS 1121,
OTAS 1131, OTAS 1140, OTAS 1145, ALHE 1115.
Offered: Summer.
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