Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 52

Section Eight
Although a normal class load is 15 semester hours, students carrying a class load of 12
hours of academic work are considered “full-time” and those carrying 6 - 11 hours are
considered “part-time.” The maximum normal academic load that students may carry is 19
semester hours including physical education and music courses. Enrollment in courses
taken for audit is included in the computation of student class load. In such cases, the
credit in semester hours provides the basis for computing that portion of the student class
Faculty advisors will help students in planning their class load each semester.
Semester Credit Hours
- Darton State College calculates semester credit hours for both
college degree credit courses and institutional credit courses. In general, college degree
courses are numbered 1000 or higher, and institutional credit courses are numbered less
than 1000, are developmental in purpose, and are offered by the Learning Support
Division. A semester credit hour is the unit of measure of academic work. In general one
semester credit hour is assigned for each class period the course meets per week. For
example, a 3-semester hour class would meet three 50-minute class periods per week for
the semester. Some exceptions to this rule are laboratory, clinic, studio, activity, and music
courses which meet 2 to 3 hours per week to equal one semester credit hour.
Students Taking An Overload
- Students who desire to take more than the maximum
normal load, 19 semester hours, and who have demonstrated exceptional academic
achievement, such as minimum GPA 3.0 or the Dean's List for the preceding semester,
may apply to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval of an “overload.”
Students in Academic Difficulty
- The College reserves the right to limit the class load
of students doing poor academic work.
Students Employed
- Students who work are advised to reduce their class load in
proportion to their work load. Full-time students should not plan to be employed on a
regular basis but should devote their time to academic endeavors. The following work/class
load ratio is suggested:
45 hours
6 semester hours
30 hours
12 semester hours
15 hours
15-17 semester hours
Student Class Attendance
- It is the policy of this college that students are expected to
attend all of their scheduled classes, laboratories, or clinic sessions when reasonably
possible. Some justified and unavoidable absences are expected. Absences in excess of
10% of the sessions scheduled may reduce the grade for the course. A student is expected
to account for absences, preferably in advance, to the instructor of the course and, at the
discretion of the instructor, to promptly make up the work missed.
Darton State College will be implementing a No Show/Faculty Withdrawal Policy. The
policy states:
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