Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 53

During the one-week period immediately following the first day of class, each faculty
member notifies the Office of Registrar of those students on the class roster who have
never attended class or participated in their online course. The students will be dropped
and the course will not appear on the students’ permanent academic records.
Up until midterm or “last day to drop without academic penalty”, the faculty member may
withdraw any student who has ceased to attend and the student will receive a grade of “W”
on their academic record. After midterm or “last day to drop without academic penalty”,
faculty can continue to withdraw any student who has ceased to attend; however, the
student will receive a grade of “WF” on their academic record.
The Office of the Registrar notifies students of faculty/withdrawal actions. The Office of
Financial Aid is also notified.
The student is responsible for understanding that withdrawal or faculty withdrawal may
result in loss of financial aid and that failing to properly withdraw from a course may result
in receiving a failing grade of F for that course.
Online Attendance
– Attendance in online classes is verified in terms of participation,
time spent in a particular unit or other part of online courseware, time spent in chats and
online discussion, quality and quantity of chat and online discussion content, quality and
quantity of e-mail, quality and quantity of course work, test participation, and other
considerations. Distance learning courses at Darton State College are instructor-led
classes, not independent study or correspondence courses. Students are expected to
engage actively in the course content, participate in student-teacher and student-student
communications, and complete assignments and tests according to the requirements and
schedule of the course instructor. Failure to participate, communicate, or meet course
requirements within the time frame required by the instructor may reduce the grade for the
course or initiate faculty-withdrawal procedures as noted earlier.
Divisions or departments may have class attendance policies of a more specific nature
within this general policy statement. Each instructor shall provide detailed policies and
procedures in writing to each student at the beginning of the course. Students who miss
classes while serving as jurors will not be penalized for such absences but will be required
to make up classwork missed as a result of jury service.
Course Change
- Following registration, students may change their schedule, that is,
drop or add a course, by conferring with their faculty advisor and processing a Drop/Add
Notice. Deadlines for changing schedules are as follows:
1. A course may be dropped any time before 5:00 p.m. of the day indicated in the
College Calendar as the last day to drop a course without penalty. Students dropping
a course by this date will be assigned a symbol of W. Students dropping a course
after this date will receive a grade of WF. The only exceptions are cases of hardship
as determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designated
representative. Verification of hardship will be required.
2. A course may be added only on Late Registration Day.
- To withdraw from all courses, that is, resign from college, students must
report either to their faculty academic advisor, their major division Dean/Chairperson, or the
Registrar's Office and process a withdrawal request. One part of the process is an exit
interview with the faculty advisor or the major division Dean/Chairperson. If circumstances
make it impossible for students to present themselves on the campus, a written request to
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