Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 43

Section Six
The College subscribes to a holistic approach to education. The Student Affairs Division
includes Campus Life, Student Success Program, Career Development Center, Minority
Advising Program, Disabled Student Services, Testing Center, Housing, Student Conduct,
and Student Health Services.
The purpose of the Department of Campus Life Program is to complement the
instructional program of the College by providing out-of-class recreational, social, cultural,
and educational opportunities.
Student Services Committee
-The Student Services Committee is made up of faculty,
staff, and students. In an attempt to meet the varied needs and interests of the student
body, the committee concentrates its efforts in planning recreational, social, educational,
and cultural activities.
In addition to what is planned by the committee, individual students, chartered clubs, and
organizations are encouraged to develop programs that meet the special needs of the
campus community. All programs and activities must be approved by the Assistant Dean
for Campus Life and/or the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Peer Tutoring Program,
intramural sports, family activities, beach parties, variety programs, clubs, plays, and
concerts are just a few examples of programs offered through Campus Life.
Peer Tutoring Program –
Peer tutoring in most areas of study is available free of
charge to Darton students. Interested students should check with their instructors or in C-
103N for more information.
Intramurals and Recreation
– The Darton State College Student Center is a student-
centered organization, which serves as the hub for campus life. The Student Center
compliments the academic experience through an assortment of meaningful educational,
cultural, social and recreational opportunities. Student development is achieved through a
variety of participatory programs, activities, facilities, and services.
To broaden the scope of recreational activities available, the College has integrated
certain community based recreational programs such as golf, bowling, and Putt-Putt into its
total program. These are available on a free or fee-shared basis in conjunction with the
student activity fee.
Intercollegiate Athletics
- Intercollegiate athletic programs are offered in men's and
women's soccer, cross country, golf, and swimming, women's fast-pitch softball, men's
baseball, men’s wrestling, and women's basketball. As a member of Region XVII of the
Georgia Junior College Athletic Association and the National Junior College Athletic
Association, Darton State College competes against other area colleges. Athletic
scholarships are available in many sports. All students are invited and strongly encouraged
to participate on an intercollegiate athletic team.
Music Organizations
- The music organizations on campus are open to currently
enrolled students without regard to major. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the
College Choir, College Band, College Orchestra, or instrumental ensembles should contact
the Director of Performing Arts or any member of the music faculty.
Darton Players
- A drama organization is open to all students interested in participating
in any aspect of dramatic productions. Three productions are presented each year.
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