Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 34

Should the student find it necessary to withdraw from Darton State College after
completing registration, the student should contact his/her academic advisor for assistance
in completing the official withdrawal form or if no academic advisor is assigned, see the
division office of his/her major. The completed form should be returned to the Registrar’s
Office for final processing. Personnel in that office will process a request for refund of fees,
if applicable. For refund percentages,
In those cases where students are withdrawn by College action for cause (non-payment
of fees, returned check, disciplinary action, disruptive behavior, failure to fulfill all
admissions requirements, etc.), the forms necessary for withdrawal will be initiated by the
appropriate College official, and the students will be notified in writing of the action.
Students withdrawn by College action as described above will automatically receive the
grade of “W.”
Students may withdraw from the College with a grade of “W” prior to the mid-semester
date. After this time, a grade of “WF” will be recorded unless the students can provide
evidence to the Vice President for Academic Affairs that there are extenuating
circumstances surrounding the withdrawal.
After the late registration day each semester, students withdrawing from an individual
course should contact their academic advisors for assistance in completing the official drop
form. No refunds are issued for dropping individual courses.
A student may be administratively withdrawn from the College when in the judgment of
the Vice President for Student Affairs, and after consultation with the student's parents and
personal physician, if any, it is determined that the student suffers from a physical, mental,
emotional, or psychological health condition which (a) poses a significant danger or threat
of physical harm to the student or to the person or property of others; or (b) causes the
student to interfere with the rights of other members of the college community or with the
exercise of any proper activities or functions of the college or its personnel; or (c) causes
the student to be unable to meet institutional requirements for admission and continued
enrollment as defined in the student conduct code and other publications of the College.
Except in emergency situations, a student shall upon request be accorded an
appropriate hearing prior to a final decision concerning his or her continued enrollment at
the College.
At the request of the student, active-duty and reserve military students with orders to
deploy will be removed from their courses for that semester with no penalty with
submission of their orders to the Registrar’s Office.
During the one-week period immediately following the first day of class, each faculty
member notifies the Office of Registrar of those students on the class roster who have
never attended class or participated in their online course. The students will be dropped
and the course will not appear on the students’ permanent academic records. All students
must understand that if they are not participating in a required class (Learning Support and
courses will be dropped.
ALSO, up until midterm of “last day to drop without academic penalty,” the faculty
member may withdraw any student who has ceased to participate and the student will
receive a grade of ‘W” on their academic record. After midterm or “last day to drop without
academic penalty,” faculty can continue to withdraw any student who has ceased to
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