Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 33

Section Four
A transcript is a copy of a student's Permanent Academic Record. It contains a minimum
amount of personal data about the student and a chronological account of the student's
academic achievements at Darton State College. Also included is a list of courses and
credits transferred from any institution formerly attended by the student.
Students who wish to have a transcript of their record at Darton State College sent to
another institution should submit a “Request for Transcript of Record” form to the
Registrar's Office at least two weeks prior to the date the transcript is needed. The first
transcript is supplied without cost to the student; additional transcripts are issued upon
payment of $2.00 for each transcript issued.
In addition to Permanent Academic Records, the College maintains Continuing
Education Unit (CEU) records for students earning those credits. Transcripts of CEU
records are similar to Permanent Academic Records and are available from the Continuing
Education and Community Service Office.
Regulations pertaining to access to student records are found in the Student Handbook,
a copy of which may be obtained from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs,
the Office of Admissions, or the Department of Campus Life.
The dates designated on the College Calendar as “registration” are reserved for
registration, payment of fees, and purchase of books. The registration procedure is
complete upon payment of fees. After that point in time, students are considered officially
registered and enrolled in Darton State College. Details concerning the registration
process are distributed each semester.
Currently enrolled, eligible students are encouraged to complete the registration process
online. Students may register online anytime from the beginning of Pre-Registration until
the close of Late Registration each semester (see the Academic Term Calendar at
for dates.) Students must have written prior approval from their
academic advisor to use the BANNER Web Registration System. Students who have
declared their major and have no Learning Support requirements, may request permission
to web register at:
Students may look up
advisor assignments at any time on the Student Directory at
Eligible students are strongly encouraged to register early to secure desired classes. The
page provides instructions for
completing online registration through the BANNER system. Help is also available in the
Advising Center. The registration procedure is considered officially complete only upon
payment of fees. Students requiring Learning Support and students with undecided majors
will need to contact their advisor for registration.
One week during each semester is designated as Pre-Registration week, and currently
enrolled students may, at this time, pre-register for classes for the upcoming semester.
Academic advisors are available during this time to assist students with their schedules,
and each currently enrolled student is strongly encouraged to pre-register. Details
concerning pre-registration and fee payment are distributed during the week of pre-
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