Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 38

Parking -
Each student enrolled at the College who drives an automobile to the campus
must obtain a parking permit at the time of registration. There is no charge for this permit,
and the parking fee is included in the Student Services Fee.
Books -
Costs for textbooks and supplies will vary depending upon the number and
kinds of courses taken. Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Medical Laboratory Technology, and
other Health Sciences program students will incur higher costs in this area and should seek
specific information from their academic advisors as to probable costs for books and
supplies. Other full-time students may expect to pay approximately $500 per semester for
books and supplies.
Returned Check Fees -
Students whose checks to the College are returned by their
bank due to insufficient funds or other reasons will be charged a service charge of $15 or 5
percent of check amount, whichever is larger.
Graduation Fee -
Candidates for graduation will be charged a $50 fee to cover costs
related to graduation. This is payable at the time the student applies for graduation, usually
at the beginning of the semester in which graduation is anticipated. A $15 late fee will be
applied if deadline is missed.
Transcripts -
Students who have discharged all financial obligations to the College are
entitled to receive, or to have transmitted, transcripts of their academic record. There will be
no charge for the first transcript. A charge of $2 will be made for each additional transcript.
Physical Education Uniforms -
No uniform is required of students enrolled in physical
education classes. Appropriate dress will be discussed for each class.
Financial Obligations to the College -
All educational records will be withheld for
students who have a financial obligation to the College. These records will be released
when the obligation is satisfied. Default on repayment of a student loan is an example of
such an obligation.
Other Fees -
Information concerning special costs associated with certain career
programs such as Health Sciences and Nursing may be found in the description of such
Background Check -
To satisfy Joint Commission requirements, clinical affiliates of the
Health Sciences and Nursing programs may require students to undergo a criminal
background check and drug screen before accepting them for clinical rotations. Darton
State College intends to use a company call Pre-Check to furnish the required background
check. The cost for this background check will be $49.50 and students will be assessed
this fee in their first semester in the program. The student signs a release form allowing
Pre-Check to conduct the check. Results of the check released to the program are limited
to informing the program the applicant is “Clear.” In the event the report is not “clear” the
student will be able to access the report from PreCheck and may possibly be able to clear
up the record. Clinical facilities may or may not accept students with prior convictions
depending on the circumstances. The clinical facilities decision is final. In this event, the
program will attempt to assign the student to a different facility. Students should realize it is
very likely all clinical facilities will have similar requirement.
Eligible Georgia residents 62 years of age or older may enroll for resident academic
credit on a “space available” basis without payment of matriculation fees. Supply fees,
laboratory fees, or activity and athletic fees are the responsibility of the student. Proof of
age must be provided.
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