Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 40

sponsorship of civic or religious groups located in this State may be enrolled upon the
payment of resident fees, provided the number of such foreign students in any one
institution does not exceed the quota approved by the Board of Regents for that
8. If the parents or legal guardian of a minor changes his or her legal residence to
another state following a period of legal residence in Georgia, the minor may continue
to take courses for a period of twelve consecutive months on the payment of resident
fees. After the expiration of the twelve-month period, the student may continue
registration only upon the payment of fees at the non-resident rate.
9. In the event that a legal resident of Georgia is appointed as guardian of a non-resident
minor, such minor will not be permitted to register as a resident student until the
expiration of one year from the date of court appointment, and then only upon proper
showing that such appointment was not made to avoid payment of the non-resident
10. Career Consular officers and their dependents who are citizens of the foreign nation
which their Consular office represents and who are stationed and living in Georgia
under orders of their respective governments shall be entitled to enroll in University
institutions on payment of resident fees. This arrangement shall apply to those
Consular officers whose nations operate on the principle of educational reciprocity
with the United States.
11. Military personnel and their dependents stationed in Georgia and on active duty,
except military personnel assigned to System institutions for educational purposes,
shall pay the same fees assessed residents of Georgia.
12. A nonresident student whose parent, spouse, or legal guardian who has been a legal
resident of Georgia for at least twelve consecutive months immediately preceding the
date of registration, shall pay the same fees assessed residents of Georgia.
The burden of proof of residency status rests with the student. The college
reserves the right to require the documentation it deems necessary when a
student feels that circumstances have changed to warrant reconsideration of
residency status. It shall be the student's responsibility to submit a petition for
review. To be guaranteed residency consideration, the petition should be
submitted prior to the beginning of the semester that residency is requested.
13. Recently Separated Military Service Personnel – Members of a uniformed military
service of the United States who, within twelve months of separation from such
service, enroll in an academic program and demonstrate an intent to become a
permanent resident of Georgia. This waiver may be granted for not more than one
Students have the right to appeal their residency classification. Such an appeal must
state the nature of the grievance and the desired outcome in writing and must be directed
to the President of the College.
Darton State College offers a variety of financial aid programs, which include grants,
scholarships, loans and employment opportunities. To be considered for any type of
financial aid, an applicant must (1) be admitted as a regular student and (2) complete the
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA.) Financial aid awards are made on a
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