Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 248

Performiong Ensemble Requirement
MUSC 1070 and
College Orchestra I and
MUSC 2070
College Orchestra II
MUSC 1080 and
College Concert Band I and
MUSC 2080
College Concert Band II
MUSC 1090 and
College Choir I and
MUSC 2090
College Choir II
Area G
Physical Education – (3 courses)**
Two-Year Total
*Critical Thinking Overlay-All Students must satisfy the critical thinking overlay. This
requirement must be fulfilled by satisfactory completion of one of the following courses.
This competency is usually satisfied in Area B or C.
COMM 1000 Cultural Diversity in Communication
COMM 1100 Human Communications
COMM 1110 Public Speaking
***A B.A. degree at some institutions in the University System of Georgia requires foreign
language credit through the intermediate level. A B.S. degree at some institutions in the
University System of Georgia requires foreign lgnauge through the first intermediate
Piano and Sight Singing/Ear Training proficiency skills for transfer students must be
attained before graduation. Piano and Sight Singing/Ear Training classes may be taken for
more than the required 2 hours to meet the proficiency requirements.
Four-year music programs expect music transfer students to have participated in at least 4
semesters of applied study, 4 semesters of ensembles, and to have attained keyboard
skills, skills in written theory, aural dictation, and sight-singing before transferring into the
junior year of a Baccalaureate program.
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