Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 256

6. The student is expected to assume responsibility for his/her own health in the event
of illness, accident, or exposure to communicable disease. Evidence of health
insurance is required prior to clinical practicum. Professional liability insurance is
also required.
7. Students must have a grade of C or better in all science courses and all nursing
courses. More than one D and/or F in nursing courses will result in permanent
dismissal from the program. A WF is considered F. Students who fail a nursing
course must repeat both the theory and clinical components of the course. Students
will be re-admitted to the course based on space available.
8. Students are required to maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in
order to remain in the nursing program.
9. A grade of C or better is required in ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102, BIOL 2111, BIOL
2112, and BIOL 2115.
10. Students must successfully complete a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Course
(either American Red Cross or American Heart Association) before or during NURS
1101/1301. This certification must include CPR for the adult, child, and infant (CPR
for the Healthcare Provider) and must be maintained throughout enrollment and
updated as necessary.
11. Any nursing course presented for graduation that was completed three calendar
years or more prior to anticipated date of graduation must be successfully challenged
or repeated for credit.
12. Darton State College students seeking a degree no longer have to take the Regents’
Test in order to graduate. Darton State College was granted Regents’ Test
exemption status; this means that the skills measured by the Regents’ Test are
measured within the core curriculum. Specifically, at Darton State College, a student
is considered to have met the Regents’ Testing requirements by earning a grade of
C or better in both ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102.
A student who takes ENGL 1101 and/or ENGL 1102 and does not earn a C or better
is required to re-enroll in the class the following semester. The student will also be
required to complete the Intensive Composition and Reading Review workshop
concurrently with the repeated ENGL 1101/ENGL 1102 course.
13. Students must have completed all core courses required in the nursing program prior
to enrolling in the last semester of the nursing program.
14. Students will demonstrate clinical competency of 100% accuracy in computation of
medication dosages in NURS 1111, NURS 1112, NURS 1311, NURS 2111, NURS
2311 NURS 2113, and NURS 2115. At the minimum, a student must demonstrate
100% accuracy on one written/computer evaluation of dosage calculations each
semester. A maximum of three (3) opportunities will be provided to score 100%
proficiency. The first two math exams will occur prior to the last day to withdraw from
a course without penalty (drop day). If a student chooses to take the 3
math exam
after drop day, and does not score 100%, he/she will receive a clinical failure for
calculation of medication dosage. If the student drops prior to the 3
attempt (before
drop day), he/she will be eligible to register for the course again, provided that all of
the other entry requirements are met and class and clinical space are available.
15. The Division of Nursing reserves the right to discontinue, at any time, the enrollment
of a nursing student if, in the judgment of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and
the nursing faculty, the student does not appear to have the necessary qualifications
for a nursing career.
16. The faculty, staff, and students in health care programs shall uphold professional and
ethical standards.
17. A student may withdraw only once from any given nursing course and no more than
three times throughout the duration of the nursing program.
18. Core performance standards* for admission and progression in the nursing program
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