Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 255

scores and to students who have completed all required core classes. In addition,
other factors may contribute to acceptance/denial in situations where the admission
criteria are highly competitive (such as previous nursing attempts, etc.). In situations
such as this, the admissions committee may require a writing assignment or
interview to aid in selection of those candidates.
5. Transfer students will be evaluated based on the requirements outlined above.
6. Students who have received two D's and/or F's in nursing courses at any other
institution are not eligible for admission to the Darton State College nursing program.
7. Science courses taken more than five years prior to enrolling in the nursing program
will be evaluated by the Dean of Nursing.
a. BIOL 2115K will not have to be repeated.
b. All Biology 2111K and 2112K will need to be repeated if greater than five years if
person is not an active healthcare professional(LPN, Paramedic.) Students may
elect to take BIOL 2112K as a refresher to meet the science requirements.
c. Students in active healthcare practice do not have to re-take the sciences unless
it has been eight years or more since the courses were completed.
8. Students who have completed an LPN Nursing Program or the Advanced Naval
Corpsman Hospitalman Course (NER-HN-001) and have one year of active practice
within the past two years may challenge NURS 1101 and NURS 1111 for credit.
Appointments to challenge these courses will be made after the application, a copy
of PNE transcript and a copy of current Georgia license have been submitted.
9. Students desiring to transfer nursing courses for credit must:
a. present evidence that transfer course meets the requirements of the nursing
curriculum at Darton State College, and
b. successfully complete the required competency examination on each nursing
course presented for transfer credit.
10. Students wishing to repeat NURS 1101/1301 must submit a new application for
admission to the nursing program. Readmission will be on a space-available basis.
11. LPNs and paramedics who have been practicing as an LPN or a paramedic for at
least one year may be eligible for the Healthcare Professional to RN bridge program
provided all other admission criteria have been met.
12. Students who begin one track (traditional, Professional Bridge, etc.) must remain in
this track until graduation. Exceptions may be made only in cases where students
need to be moved from an accelerated program to one of a traditional nature.
Additional Nursing Program Requirements
1. All students must be admitted to the Nursing Program before enrolling in NURS
1101/1301 and NURS 1105. NURS 1101/1301 must be taken immediately
preceeding or within one semester of NURS 1111/1311.
2. Students who have been out for more than one semester are required to challenge
NURS 1101 prior to enrolling in NURS 1111/1311. Clarification is needed on those
students who have progressed from NURS 1111/1311 but who are out of nursing
classes for more than one semester.
3. If a student is out of any nursing course for more than one semester and the student
did not successfully complete the previous semester, the student will be required to
challenge NURS 1101/1301 and NURS 1105 before continuing in the next nursing
4. It is recommended that students applying for the Evening and Hybrid programs have
completed all of the core courses required for nursing prior to enrolling in NURS
5. Students will be required to submit a completed health form and drug screen which
documents satisfactory health status prior to clinical practicum. The forms will be
available after enrollment in NURS 1101/1301.
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