Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 257

a. Critical-thinking ability sufficient for clinical judgment as evidenced by the ability
to identify the cause/effect relationships in clinical situation, and develop nursing
care plans.
b. Interpersonal abilities sufficient for interaction with individuals, families, and
groups from various social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual backgrounds as
evidenced by the ability to establish rapport with patient/clients and colleagues.
c. Communication abilities sufficient for verbal and written interaction with others as
evidenced by the ability to explain treatment procedures, initiate health teaching,
and document and interpret nursing actions and patient/client responses.
d. Physical abilities sufficient for movement from room to room and in small spaces
as evidenced by the ability to move around in a patient’s room, work spaces, and
treatment areas and administer cardiopulmonary procedures.
e. Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient for providing safe, effective nursing care
as evidenced by the ability to calibrate and use equipment and position
f. Auditory ability sufficient for monitoring and assessing health needs as evidenced
by the ability to hear monitor alarm, emergency signals, auscultatory sounds, and
cries for help.
g. Visual ability sufficient for observation and assessment necessary in nursing care
as evidenced by the ability to observe patient/client responses.
h. Tactile ability sufficient for physical assessment as evidenced by the ability to
perform palpation, functions of physical examination, and/or those related to
therapeutic intervention such as insertion of a catheter.
*Taken from the Southern Regional Education Board, Council on Collegiate Education for
Nursing, “The Americans With Disabilities act: Implications for Nursing Education (March
1993)”, updated 2005.
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Darton State College will
honor requests for reasonable accommodations made by individuals with disabilities.
Students must disclose their disability to the office of Disability Services before academic
accommodations can be implemented.
Additional Costs and Fees
1. All applicants must pay the application fee for the pre-admission test.
2. Professional liability insurance is required prior to clinical assignment. The cost is a
part of nursing fees.
3. The student must assume responsibility for his/her own health in the event of illness,
accident, or exposure to communicable disease. Evidence of health insurance is
required prior to clinical practicum.
4. All nursing students are required to meet the requirements of the facilities utilized for
clinical experience which may include laboratory screenings and immunizations. All
students are required to have a repeat tuberculin skin test at the end of the first year.
Health and other forms will be provided as needed.
5. All nursing students will be expected to pay a Testing Fee each semester which
includes skills kit, testing, hursing resources and NCLEX review course.
6. All nursing students are required to have uniforms, white hose or white socks, shoes,
scissors, and watch with sweep second hand.
7. Nursing students are required to join the Darton State College GANS Chapter to
enhance professional development.
8. All nursing students will be required to pay for a criminal background check, and drug
screening, on admission to the program. This information will be available to all
clinical facilities. *If the student has a conviction in the criminal background check,
the student may not be allowed in a particular practice setting. Reasonable
accommodations will be made.
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