Instrument List

The Albany State University Department of Chemistry and Forensic Sciences Laboratory and auxiliary facilities are housed in the Billy C. Black building and Hartnett Hall. In addition to the main chemistry and forensic laboratories, and Bio-Imaging facility; the biotechnology facility:

  • Provides access to spectroscopic, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and a host of analytical instrumentation for sample characterization, identification, and separation.
  • Provides access to a small scale microscopy facility for electron (with EDX) and scanning probe topography studies and analysis.
  • Provides access to excellent microscopes, sterilization equipment, and secure equipment for cell and tissue culture.
  • Provides access to an excellent fluorescence microscope for chemical, cellular/ biological imaging, and bio-imaging analysis.
  • Provide refrigeration for a variety of samples from temperature as low as cryogen levels to normal refrigeration.

Analytical / Forensic Analysis:

  • Bruker 400 mHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Liquid Chromatography, LC-2010A
  • ND-1000 NanoDrop Spectrophotometer
  • ENWAVE Optronics EZ Raman Spectrometer
  • BC DU-50 Spectrophotometer
  • Horiba LB-550 Particle size analyzer
  • Leica Ballistic Comparison Microscope (with Digital Imaging System)
  • Fingerprint Developing Chamber
  • FT-IR Microscope Spectrophotometer
  • FT-IR Spectrophotometer with ATR Accessory
  • Perkin Elmer Claus 500Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer
  • GC/ MS –QP2010 SE Shimadzu

Flow Cytometers:

  • ORFLO Moxi Flow Cytometer
  • Life Technologies Attune NxT

DNA Analyzer, Real Time PCR and Thermal Cycle PCR:

  • Applied Biosystems 3500 XL DNA analyzer.
  • Life Technologies 7300 Real Time PCR
  • BioRad T100™ Thermal Cycler
  • BioRad iCycler Thermal Cycler

Elisa Plate reader and Absorbance measurements:

  • Fisher Biotech UV/Visible
  • Gene Pulser Xcell Total System
  • ND-1000 Nano Drop Spectrophotometer
  • BioTek ELx800 Absorbance Microplate Reader
  • BC DU-50 Spectrophotometer

Molecular Analysis, Particle size Analysis, and Chromatography:

  • N5 Submicron Particle Size Analyzer
  • Liquid Chromatography, LC-2010A
  • Horiba LB-550 Particle size analyzer
  • ENWAVE Optronics EZ Raman Spectrometer

Microscopy and Accessories:

  • JEOL 6610LV Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX
  • Tescan Cam Scan 44 Scanning Electron Microscope (EDX)
  • NanoScience Industries Atomic Force Microscope w/ Vibration Isolation Stage
  • Leica Sputter Coater
  • Leica 300M Critical Point Dryer
  • Olympus CK 40 Light microscope
  • Olympus SZ40 Stereoscope
  • FluoriChem Alpha Ease FC Bio-Imager
  • Olympus BX41 Fluorescence Microscope
  • Digital Compound Microscope

Tissue Culture:

  • New Brunswick Scientific Innova 48 CO2 Incubator


  • Sterilite Bench Top Autoclave
  • Barnstead Sterilizer
  • BMT Unisteri HP559 Sterilizer


  • Refrigerator storage at -4°C to 5°C
  • Critical refrigerator storage at -30 to -20°C
  • Liquid Nitrogen storage for cells (Cryogen temperature)

Centrifugation and Bench top shakers:

  • Avanti J30I Centrifuge, 100g
  • C24KC Refrigerator Incubator Shaker
  • Multiple bench top centrifuges
  • Microfuge® 20R IVD Microcentrifuge

3-D Printers:

  • Stratasys Object 24- 3D Printer