Student Affairs

Dr. Terry Lindsay

Dear Students,
I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to you as the Vice President for Student Affairs. Whether you are a returning student or new to our community, I am happy to have you as part of our campus community.

As the Vice President for Student Affairs, my primary focus is your well-being, success, and overall student experience. Our dedicated and committed team of professionals is here to support you and ensure that your time with us is enriching, impactful, and memorable.At our institution, we believe in providing a holistic learning experience that extends beyond the classroom. Our student life programs, support services, and co-curricular programs and activities are designed to foster your intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being.You will find numerous resources and support systems available to help you thrive as a student. From career coaching and academic advising to health and wellness programs, our comprehensive range of services is here to address your unique needs and aspirations. We encourage you to actively explore these resources and make the most of your student experience.Furthermore, I believe that a strong sense of belonging and connection are vital to your success. Our campus is a place where you can forge lifelong friendships, engage in meaningful dialogue, and share experiences with your peers. We encourage you to get involved in our registered student organizations, Greek life, and leadership opportunities that align with your interests and passions. Building these connections will enrich your campus experience and provide you with valuable networking opportunities for your future.I want to express my excitement in working with you throughout your academic journey. The experiences, challenges, and triumphs you will encounter during your academic journey will undoubtedly shape your future.  

Student Affairs is here to serve you, advocate for you, and provide you with a safe and inclusive learning environment that supports your growth and success.Once again, welcome to the RAMily. 

Dr. Terry Lindsay
Vice President for Student Affairs

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