Hotline Reporting

Maintaining a Tradition of Excellence

Albany State University is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and conducting our operations honestly, honorably and legally. An environment that promotes integrity, scholarly activity and workplace productivity.

Each member of our community has a responsibility to follow university policies and procedures, adhere to applicable laws and regulations and speak up when we see or suspect misconduct. If you have concerns about possible unethical behavior or noncompliance with Albany State University policies, you are encouraged to speak to your supervisor, director, department chair or central personnel to solicit their support and help.

If you feel uncomfortable speaking up within your department or human resources, we offer another option for anonymously voicing your concerns. We have retained the services of Global Compliance, a leading, third-party hotline provider for those who wish to speak up but prefer to remain anonymous. This service from Global Compliance allows you to communicate your concerns via telephone or Web report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without fear of retaliation. The hotline is a valuable resource for putting integrity into action every day.

We look to you to carry on the traditions and ethical practices built over decades by people like you. Help uphold our tradition of excellence. What we do now and how we do it will preserve this legacy for future generations. Thank you for doing your part.

This Hotline is more than just a system through which individuals can report issues of suspected fraud, waste or abuse. We would also like to solicit questions, comments and feedback about areas which could be streamlined and made more efficient and effective.

Your input is essential to ensure that your department and/or institution maintains a positive, productive workplace. This is your system and we encourage you to use it – together we will achieve excellence.

If you are aware of fraudulent activity related to Albany State University or simply want to suggest an improvement  to ongoing operations, we want to know about it. You may anonymously report it online or call 1-877-516-3415.