Chair's Message

Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Psychology at Albany State University!

The Department of Sociology and Psychology is a community of outstanding teachers, groundbreaking researchers, engaged mentors, highly motivated students and an awesome staff. We are delighted that you have stopped by to learn more about our dynamic and growing programs.

Our department is comprised of two Bachelor of Arts programs, Sociology and Psychology. As well, our department is oriented to providing access and undergraduate training leading to the bachelor degrees in Sociology or Psychology.

The mission of the Sociology Program is to prepare and equip students with the necessary tools to enable them to secure admission into graduate school in sociology, public administration, law, criminal justice or social work and successfully compete and secure gainful employment. The Psychology Program is designed to prepare students for graduate studies and employment in a wide range of organizations, including social service agencies, mental health and allied health fields, and teaching fields.

At ASU, faculty and students work closely with each other. A top priority of the faculty is to provide students with personal attention. The faculty members have a wide range of national and international experience and have impressive credentialing. They have held a variety of professional positions, as well as authored notable books and articles in their respective fields. This allows our faculty to share a broad range of knowledge and experience with students.

Please feel free to visit the rest of our website. You will find a wealth of information regarding our programs, including the listing of courses a student or prospective student must take in order to achieve their degree. You will also see that each of our degree programs have been especially created so that our Psychology and Sociology majors can easily minor in any area that interests them including, Psychology and Sociology – All within a 4-Year timeframe.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any of our helpful faculty and staff.


Dr. Hema Davis
Associate Professor and Chair