Welcome to the School of Business


Business Administration Banquet

Message from the Chairperson

Welcome to the College of Business, Education, & Professional Studies' (CoBEPS) School of Business! Our faculty take great pride in our people, programs and performance. We are committed to excellence in education, knowledge development and service to our discipline and communities. Our culture is friendly and focused, and we have an outstanding Faculty and Staff ready to assist you.

As you explore our webpage, you will swiftly learn how we teach, support and graduate students who become, marketing managers, advertising account managers, management information system and other professionals who take leading roles in business and the community. Whether you are a current student, future student, alumnus, potential faculty member or potential employer, we hope you will interact with the learning community of division of Business.

We are proud of our faculty and staff, who work together to provide solid experiences to students, alumni, university offices, businesses and other top corporations.

Dr. Devi Akella
MBA Director and Chair
School of Business
College of Business, Education, & Professional Studies
Phone:  (229)-500-2122
E-mail: devi.akella@asurams.edu