Business Administration Degrees

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The Business Division offers an opportunity for motivated students with several high-quality Bachelor Degree Programs. The College of Business provides continuity in business education in South West Georgia.


The Management program is designed to enable students to develop analytical abilities, critical thinking, and logical reasoning skills. Students are trained to acquire a sound understanding of modern management practices, relevant quantitative and qualitative techniques and computer applications in business and in business-related management. Developing student’s ethical values and ability to work effectively with others and produce desired outcomes are emphasized. Also, students are provided with technological knowledge and skills needed to succeed in business management in a rapidly changing, global economy.

The Healthcare Management program aims at developing students with the capabilities to manage public and private healthcare organizations, understand and interpret healthcare management issues. Developing critical thinking and communication skills are also emphasized in the program. The program provides general training in healthcare administration and the students are provided practical experiences in a variety of healthcare settings that include healthcare management practices in planning, budgeting, and staffing. Also, students are acquainted with various healthcare delivery modalities such as managed healthcare and traditional healthcare organizations.

The Supply Chain and Logistics Management (SCLM) program is designed to allow learners to develop a deep understanding of SCLM principles and theory; and to develop their skills in an exciting field through an integrated learning process that allows them to build experiences inside a virtual global company used to simulate a complete Supply Chain and Logistics Management environment.


  1. The student must earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS degree) or Associate of Applied Technology(AAT) from Albany Technical College.
  2. The student must complete remaining courses in Areas A-E, 18 semester hours in Area F, and 30 semester hours of business major required courses in Area G courses. A grade of “C” or better is required in each course in Areas F and G.
  3. The student must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.25 in overall program. Students will receive 51-57 semester hours of transfer credit toward the 120 semester hours required for graduation.
  4. The student must complete the Major Field Test (MFT) as a part of course requirements of course requirements of MGMT 4199.

Minor – Undergraduate

Minor in Business Administration can be earned with any major. The program includes 18 hours added to a student’s current major and will focus on how to start and run a small business.

Progression Work Sheets