Tier II Education Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership

The Education Specialist program in Educational Administration and Supervision prepares candidates for advanced leadership positions that include P-12 school level principals or the equivalent, superintendents or other LUA (school system) staff that supervise principals.  This preparation leads to a Specialist in Education (ED.S.) and a performance-based Tier II certification in the state of Georgia.


A personalized set of academic and clinical experiences, including 27 semester hours of course work and 750 clock hours of extended, job-embedded work.    Performance-based activities must be completed at the elementary, middle, high school, and central office levels.
Development of a high level of knowledge, skills, and dispositions cooperatively planned and designed with a support team during the course of the program.
Opportunities for candidates to demonstrate the ability to accept genuine responsibility for leading, facilitating, and making decisions typical of those made by principals, supervisors of principals and superintendents.  The preponderance of clinical experiences will engage candidates in leading rather than observing and shadowing leaders.

Add-On or Certificate Only Tier II

Individuals who have earned certification at the specialist or doctoral level in an area other than leadership, may add certification in leadership with 21 semester hours of course work and 750 hours of clinical experiences.

Admission Requirements

Phase I

  1. Completed application (www.asurams.edu)
  2. Non-refundable application fee
  3. Minimum grade point average of 3.0
  4. Three letters of recommendation with one from immediate supervisor
  5. Minimum three years of teaching/leading experience
  6. Tier I certification in Leadership
  7. Successful writing sample.

Phase II

  1. Invitation to participate.
  2. Interview
  3. In-basket activities
  4. On-demand writing assessment
  5. Superintendent's Assurance Form
  6. District Partnership Agreement