Academic Support Services

Welcome to Albany State University! We are excited that you are here to continue your academic studies.  Please know Academic Support services are available to you. We have the following services available for you.

  1. Learning Centers (Writing and Mathematics) are available daily on East and West campuses.
  2. Peer tutors and Lead tutors are available as their schedules permit on East and West Campuses.
  3. Faculty members are available during Study Table, Tuesday through Thursday from 6-8 pm. 
  4. Faculty members are also available during their posted office hours.
  5. There is  a 24-hour online tutoring service located in all GaView courses under Study Aids.
  6. Tutors are available in three of our residence Hall on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7:00 - 9:00 pm during the Fall and Spring semesters.
  7. The Online Writing center is available via

If you have any questions, please contact Academic Support Services at 229-500-2814 or by email at

Natalie Knox
Academic Support Services
229.500.2814 (office)

Mission Statement

The mission of Academic Support Services is to offer a comprehensive array of tutoring services to students, encompassing in-person, group settings, and online platforms. These services are designed to enhance and facilitate students' academic journeys by providing additional resources and assistance outside their regular classroom activities. Academic Support Services is committed to helping students excel in their academic pursuits by providing access to tools and resources. Following ASU’s mission, the Academic Support Services unit is committed to excellence in teaching and learning and creating opportunities for student success. Goal 4 | Leadership Development and Employee Development, Objective 4.1 Development and retention of qualified administrators and staff by providing professional development opportunities that promote excellence in pursuit of professional responsibilities and transformation leadership; enhanced student experience and learning.