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COMPASS (formerly Fostering through College - FTC) is a program designed to assist students who have experienced foster care, ward of the state, unaccompanied youth (McKinney Vento), and homelessness as well as students with extenuating circumstances transition from high school to college or from one school to another, navigate the college experience.  COMPASS is committed to increasing the retention and graduation rate of our potential at-risk students.  The following resources are available for COMPASS students.

  • Specialized Academic Advising
  • Tutoring
  • Work Study
  • Housing Assistance
  • ETV Assistance
  • Job Assistance
  • Scholarships
  • Mentor
  • Specific resources for your individual needs
  • Workshops focusing on the 7 dimensions of wellness (Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Occupational, Intellectual, and Physical Wellness)

If you are interested in COMPASS or would like more information, please send your name and phone number to or Mildred Polite, COMPASS Retention Specialist at 229-500-2973 or


2400 Gillionville Road
Building C, Suite 222
Albany, GA   31707

"Changing Obstacles by Motivation Positive Accountability for Student Success"