CIC Members

Albany State
University Members

President Art Dunning
  • Dr. Kevin Scott, Associate Professor in English and Modern Languages
  • Dr. Florence Lyons, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Speech and Theater
  • Dr. Olufunke A. Fontenot, Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Tau Kadhi, Provost and Vice President
  • Dr. Cynthia Evers, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Success
  • Ms. Katherine Laster, Director of Internal Audits
  • Dr. LaVerne McLaughlin, Director of the Library and Associate Professor
  • Dr. George Thomas, Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology and Faculty Liaison
  • Dr. Judith Rosenbaum, Chair of Faculty Senate and Associate Professor of Mass Communication
  • Ms. Maya Palmer, President of the Student Government Association
  • Dr. Jianchuan Zhou, Associate Professor of Mass Communications
  • Dr. Alicia Jackson, Dean of the College of Business
  • Ms. Loretta Harris, Business Services Lead Accountant
  • Dr. Carolyn Rollins, Associate Professor in the College of Education
  • Dr. Erica Decuir, Assistant Professor in the College of Education
  • Dr. Ashok Jain, Professor of Biology
  • Ms. Pamela Lewis, College of Education Graduate Student
  • Mr. Del Kimbrough, Interim V. P. for Information Technology
  • Mr. Shawn McGee, Senior Vice President for Administration
  • Dr. Walter Bowers, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Darton State
College Members

Interim President Richard Carvajal
  • Mr. Preston Sweet, Assoc. Prof. of Computing Disciplines
  • Ms. Chantel Johnson, President of the Student Government Association
  • Dr. Jeff Etheridge, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Director
  • Ms. Renita Luck, Director of Online Learning
  • Ms. Wendy Wilson, Executive Director of the DSC Cordele Center
  • Ms. Lea Henry, Interim Director of Athletics
  • Ms. Pat Ridgeway, Assistant Dean of Student Success
  • Dr. Jamie Barker, Assistant Professor of English
  • Dr. Jason Goodner, Interim Coordinator of Assessment / Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Ms. Wendy Kennedy, Interim Dean of Humanities and Social Science
  • Dr. Ulf Kirchdorfer, Professor of English
  • Ms. Cynthia George, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Dr. Elizabeth Delancy, Assistant Professor of Dance
  • Mr. John Clemens, Associate Vice President for Fiscal Affairs
  • Mr. Jeremiah Pitts, Chair of Humanities / Associate Professor of English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Ms. Debra Richardson, Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Mr. Lee Howell, Director of Plant Operations
  • Dr. Kimberly Holmes, Interim Associate Provost
  • Ms. Carol Ann Ham, Faculty Senate Chair / Associate Professor and Director of Human Services Technology