Humanities (including fine arts and social sciences)

Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair – Florence Lyons, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Speech & Theatre
  • DSC Cochair – Wendy Kennedy Interim Dean of Humanities & Social Science


Albany State University

  • Babafemi Elufiede, Professor and History and Political Science Chair
  • Eve Graves, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
  • James Hill, Professor and English, Modern Languages, & Mass Communications Chair
  • Marcia Hood, Associate Professor and Fine Arts Chair
  • Marlene Ramsey, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Sociology

Darton State College

  • Elizabeth Delancy, Assistant Professor of Dance
  • Jason Goodner, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Jeff Kluball, Chair of Fine Arts and Professor of Music
  • Wendy Kennedy, Interim Dean of Humanities & Social Science
  • Ulf Kirchdorfer, Professor of English


  • Address Program and Curriculum Differences
  • Streamline Program Offerings
  • Combine Curriculums
  • Review funding structure for arts programs