Media Relations

Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair – Jianchuan ‘Henry’ Zhou, Associate Professor of Mass Communication
  • DSC Cochair – Jenny Collins, Communications Manager


Albany State University

  • Mary Ann Scott, Writing Specialist
  • Judith Rosenbaum, Associate Professor Mass Communication
  • Sandy Peacock, Graphic Designer
  • Danyelle Gary, Publication Relations Specialist

Darton State College

  • Larry Anderson, Associate Professor of English
  • Natalie Wilkinson, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach/Sports Information Director
  • Bummi Anderson, Instructor of English


  • Create Communications Plan to get Messaging out Internally and Externally
  • Conduct Monthly Meetings with all PR Personnel to Assess Communications
  • Combine Speakers Bureaus List
  • Coordinate Communications on Consolidation Announcements
  • Coordinate Communications to Announce Regents’ Actions
  • Coordinate and Review News Releases on Consolidation
  • Assessing needs and avenues of communication during consolidation