Physical Plant

Final Report



  • ASU Cochair – Robert Lawson, Interim Dir of Facilities
  • DSC Cochair – Lee Howell, Director of Plant Operations


Albany State University

  • Larry Wakefield, VP CFO
  • Patrina Anderson, Operations Manager
  • Gwendolyn Heard, Distribution Center Manager
  • Constance Williams, Superintendent of Custodial Services

Darton State College

  • John Clemens, VP for Fiscal Affairs
  • Larry Kimbrel, Skilled Trades Supervisor
  • Don Bragg, Distribution Center Manager
  • Stan Brown, Assistant VP for Business & Financial Services


  • Initiate Building Inventory Validation
  • Merge and Review Space Inventories
  • Work with GSFIC on Changes to Necessary Documentation (Letters)
  • Revise Active Contracts once Consolidation is Completed
  • “A” - Consider Cross Training for Smooth Transition& “B” Higher Delegated Authority
  • Identify Restrictions on Real Property Deeds
  • Identify any Reversionary Language in Property Deeds
  • Understand What Real Property Campuses Own
  • Address Use Restrictions in Rental Agreements
  • Identify Restrictions on Donations for Naming
  • Consider and Implement Consolidation of Rental Space
  • Understand What Real Property Foundations Own
  • Consolidate & Restructure Maintenance Depts, including Salary & Reporting
  • Identify and Reconcile Differences in Handling M&O
  • Develop Naming Protocols for Buildings
  • Change Signs on and off Campuses
  • Address all Out-Sourced Services, and Make Them Coincide
  • Consolidate Preventive Maintenance Plans, including for PPVs
  • Identify Functional Duplication between Campuses (Supervisors, Tech., etc.)
  • Re-implement Mgmt. Systems (M&O Billing/Accounting, Tracking, etc.)
  • Reconcile Differences in How Depts. Handle M&O of PPV/GHEFA Space
  • Reassess Outsourced Functions for PPV/GHEFA (Mech., Elec., Fire, etc.)
  • Reconcile Replacement Reserves Accounts for PPV Capital Improvements
  • Address Maintenance Contracts for Plant Equipment, HVAC, Trash, etc.
  • Consolidate Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Determine if 8038 Filings Need to Be Amended for PPVs
  • Understand How Debt Ratios get calculated
  • Determine if Institutions Accept Pre-Funding Commitments to Begin Projects
  • Provide Required Notice on All PPVs to EMMA and Others
  • Decide Mgmt. and Reporting Structure for EHS, including Points of Contact
  • Identify Environmental Compliance and Occupational Safety Issues
  • Address & Consolidate Service/Consulting Contracts (Waste, Lab Hoods, etc.)
  • Amend USG/EPA Self-Audit Agreement with Consolidation Changes
  • Identify Environmental Mgmt. System Requirements for Multiple Campuses
  • Integrate Environmental & Occupational Safety Policies, Plans, etc.