Risk Management and Audits

Final Reports

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • Chair – Katherine Laster, ASU Director of Internal Audits


Albany State University

  • Zainab Lateef, Auditor II
  • Edgars Patani, Auditor II
  • Leslie Charles, ASU/DSC Liaison
  • Peter Akinnubi, Business Application Support Specialist
  • Eric Tabor, IT Customer Professional
  • Kenneth Abidde, Assistant to the Controller

Darton State College

  • Claudia Lyerly, Ethics & Compliance Coordinator


  • Ensure Adequate Internal Audit Coverage
  • Evaluate Open Audit Issues for Completion
  • Consolidate Risk Management Operations
  • Notify Institutions about Consolidated Ethics Hotline
  • Determine a new Hotline URL
  • Determine Costs of Consolidating Hotline and How to Budget it
  • Determine Conversion Process for Existing Hotline Complaints, Triage, etc.
  • Select which Hotline Telephone Number to Use
  • Identify a Hotline Administrator
  • Select Individuals to make up Triage Committee and who receives case reports
  • Select Escalation Contacts to be called in case of Critical Report
  • Update User Names and Contact Information on Hotline Portal
  • Create New Hotline Awareness Materials
  • Develop Timeline for Distribution of New Awareness Material
  • Convert Old Hotline cases to New Hotline Vendor