Women in Technology

2020 Summit

Women in Technology 2020 Summit: Our Vision, Our Future

November 13, 2020

Albany State University
Virtual Conference
Albany, GA

The Women in Technology Summit is an annual University System of Georgia (USG) event designed to empower all women in STEM-related careers to achieve the unimaginable through all possibilities and opportunities. This summit will bring together women of every spectrum, from students to senior leadership to connect, educate, and ignite their momentum to discover what they want – and go for it.

This year we seek to collectively INVOLVE individuals with diverse backgrounds and knowledge in an environment where they are able to exchange innovative ideas, actions and opportunities.   Our goal is to build a NETWORK of women in the field of technology by sharing with one another the successes, challenges and experiences each individual brings forward to help catapult us into the future vision of technology.  Lastly, we want to EMPOWER women by presenting a vibrant atmosphere for vigorous women to share their achievements and demonstrate the growing prospects for women in the field of technology.